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Costa Rica Elopement
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Costa Rica Elopements are increasingly popular due to the current situation and let's be honest! All you need is your partner and maybe some of the closest friends and family members for your wedding! Elopements are not only super romantic and intimate, but also remind us of the things that truly matter. Your love for each other and sharing this precious moment together. 

Big parties are not for everyone, elopements in Costa Rica are more simple, there is more space for you as a couple! This can be as simple as saying your vows on a sandy beach, or it can be a ceremony with a flower decorated alter, a mini wedding cake and even a soloist singing your personal love song for your first dance. This is your wedding - you decide what is best for your Costa Rica Elopement. Let us know how you picture it and we will be happy to provide a Costa Rica elopement package for you.

Whether you come to Costa Rica spontaneously for your elopement wedding or you still plan a little in advance, we try our best to make this adventure the best of your life! 

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Photo by Jonathan Jonkers

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Costa Rica Elopement
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