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The best month for a Costa Rica Destination Wedding

Did you recently get engaged and are now looking for a tropical wedding in Costa Rica? Is your wedding date not yet set and you are wondering about which month is best to get married in Tamarindo, Costa Rica? Whether you plan a big wedding, a small intimate one or even an elopement, we have our favourite wedding month here at Pura Weddings.

It is the month, where the trees and fields are green, the air smells fresh and the temperature is not too hot. There is less wind and hence the ocean is warmer. It is, when rainy season is just ending and beaches are beautiful and less crowded.

November is definitely the best month for a Costa Rica Destination wedding. Less people means also less weddings and so you will have a bigger choice in Wedding suppliers. Your favourite catering is probably available and has time to prepare all these little extra specials that you want for your guests. Your photographer will be able to shoot even more beautiful pictures of your big day, as all the trees and bushes will be greener than usual; and not to mention your wedding flowers. Imagine those beautiful colours even more intense.

We also love the month November for a Costa Rica destination wedding, as your favourite Costa Rica Wedding Venue might be available even with shorter notice than usually. Why not getting married already this November?

As a big group, things will be much easier - restaurants in town will have space for your group without making a reservation way in advance. This is also the case for activities and tours. So you can be a bit more spontaneous during this time of the year.

Furthermore, have you ever seen a sunset in Tamarindo in November? OH-MY-GOD - those colours are just insanely beautiful and the best is, this will reflect on your beautiful wedding photos that you will keep as a memory forever. Just see the photo below. Want this as a background on your wedding pictures? Then plan your tropical destination wedding in November.

Another reason, that you might particularly like is, that until Thanksgiving week, prices are usually more affordable for everything - venue, accommodations, even tours and activities sometimes offer lower rates during this time of the year.

Convinced? Then contact us today and let's start planning your beautiful Costa Rica Destination wedding.

Ps. Weddings in paradise are beautiful during all months of the year. But November is our insider tipp - psst :-).

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